Service areas

Quality Gates


•  Professional Q-Gates according to VDA 16 standard
•  Mobile VDA 16 ESD-compliant inspection tables
•  Controll shipping Level CS I, CS II
•  Product filter
•  Firewall
•  GP 12 Inspection
•  Dual Launch Netting


Inspection and Sorting


•  Incoming inspection
•  Intermediate inspection
•  Final inspection
•  Visual inspection
•  Special inspections with special tools
•  Measurement inspection
•  Defect removal


We provide our services all over Europe, at your premises, on-site or at the premises of your customers. Thanks to our specially trained staff we are flexible and we can meet your individual requirements. Given the different ordering possibilities our flexibility is distinctive and rapidly adaptable to customer requirements.


Assembly and Rework


  All types of rework services
  Assembly works at the customer premises
  Assembly works at QSW premises
  Pick-up and delivery services


Assembly and rework activities include all actions carried out in relation to a defective product so that it may subsequently become compliant with customer requirements.




•  Assembly works within QSW production plant
•  Extended work area
•  Assembly & toll manufacturing
•  System module assembly
•  Picking
•  Packaging
•  Labeling
•  Fast and flexible order processing
•  Logistic processing (Pick-up and delivery services)

The clients’ outsourced rework and sorting services are part of our daily business; the same goes for the assembly of different systems and for the final assembly works included in the field of outsourcing. Accordingly, we can ensure part storage and various logistic solutions. For the assembly of the part system delivered by you we can use the machinery and equipment designed by you. We are also willing to invest in machinery and equipment, depending on the length of the assembly works, in order to provide a cost effective solution. As we are located close to highway connections we can guarantee short reaction time.


Resident Engineering


  On-site operation and interest representation for your customer
  Collective scrap management
  Complaint management
  Our employee represents you before the customer


Resident Engineering ensures the on-site assistance of your customer and the connection to your company. Your interests will be communicated directly to your customer. The service will be summarized within a thematic report (discussion, activity, discussion partners) and made available to you. Depending on the situation, our immediate presence guarantees a personal contact with the person in charge with quality assurance at your customer.




•  Generation of professional statistics
•  Inspection activity documenting (Sorting / Rework)
•  Release OK parts
•  Block N.O. parts
•  Cost transparency