Areas of expertise

Automotive industry in Germany, Romania and Austria


•  Rework of waxing, sewing, gluing, cleaning of leather steering wheels
•  Rework for deburring the foam steering wheels
•  Rework of steering wheel metal frame
•  Rework for polishing side mirrors
•  Rework for removing the over injection at plastic and elastomeric profiles
•  Surface control, honking power measurements and leather assessments on steering wheels
•  Inspection of contact units in steering wheels (plastic/metal)
•  Inspection of airbag plates and emblems
•  Inspection of hydraulic clutch
•  Inspection of chrome covers
•  Inspection and rework of suspension unit
•  Inspection and rework of plastic injection and two-component parts
•  Measurement of bumpers within measuring devices with digital and analog measuring gauges
    −  Replacement of defective bumpers
    −  Assembly and disassembly of forklifts


Metal Processing Industry


•  Deburring of metal components
•  Inspection of hose clamps on existing outs
•  Adjustment of hose clamps on set diameter and angles
•  Surface review and inspection of metal sleeves (partly chromed)
•  Cleaning and setup of threads
•  Ruling of metal components with test sticks/ limit gauges


Electronic Industry


  Inspection of electric boards and electric connections possibly in ESD area
(ESD equipment is available)
  Soldering and desoldering of electric components
  Checking the accumulator housing for damages and packing it
  Measurement of accumulators and batteries
  Tensile test to the plug housings
  Replacement of cable sets
  Applying the shrinkwrap
  Shortening of pins on the contact plates
  Accumulators labelling